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[Carey Furze]

Carey is the founder of Bookform, story collation software, using integrated ICT & AI to create bespoke printable digital books.

Unique features:

  • Q&A templates, to guide and structure,
  • Voice-to-text Google AI, spoken stories, any language, instantly transcribed into your book,
  • Collaboration, invite family & friends to contribute stories & photos to quickly build an Anthology.

Schools use as an online resource for students to easily create family books for projects, community initiatives and fundraising. While recently completing a Bachelor of Communications degree, Carey saw how Internet Communication Technology ICT could be used to teach 21st century learning skills and future-proof young people for jobs not yet invented. By the time we are old enough to be interested in our grandparents and ancestors they are all long gone, and so are all their stories and insights. Bookform uses the latest ICT and AI to make collecting and saving these stories child’s play. Carey has spent the last 28 years living and working around the world, mainly in writing, property, and business administration roles. Originally from New Zealand, Carey was the youngest real estate salesperson in Auckland. At 21 she moved to Tokyo and created an English teaching business, operating for 5 years. At 27 she retired to the Gold Coast and bought a boat building business, but within a few years was almost broke. A good lesson in the importance of knowing the business you are in. Making a comeback in New Zealand as a migration agent specializing in the Long-term Business Visa, she was posted to Shanghai for a year, then Sydney. In 2000 a publisher commissioned Carey to write a book about her near miss of being abducted into the white slave trade when she was travelling in Thailand. ‘Held’ was published in 2003 and a re-write in 2010. With stints in the US, Carey has spent the last 18 years predominantly in Sydney as a writer and residential property investor